Do It Well, Do What You Want, and Get Paid!

Earlier this week I discovered this chart below – and I have been obsessed with it ever since. I made it the backdrop for my dual screen system, and I need to make it the backdrop for my laptop soon. It represents something that I, you, and most of the people in the world fail to keep in focus. We get so hung up in getting that check on the 1st and 15th. We get so hung up in meetings. We get so hung up chasing after business opportunities that seem like they will make a lot of money when in reality a lot of money is not your true motivator. The chart is probably the picture that best represents my mindset for having this blog. I consider the man who created it brilliant. He may not have come up with the concept, but he made it very easy for us to ‘get it’ in about 15 seconds.

Please spread this around to as many people as possible. I am not the originator of this chart – his name is on the chart. But if I could I’d climb up to the highest room of the tallest tower (Love my Shrek) and hang a banner with this on it. It is just that powerful to me.

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