How Is Your Mood When You Wake Up?

Are you starting your day with a mood of dread or a mood of happiness?

Starting your day with a mood of dread is a tough place to be. I know several of you reading this are there mentally. You have job. But from the moment you arrive you are counting down the hours and minutes until you can leave. This makes for a very long day and it makes you start to resent the people you spend your day with.

But just remember that you 1. You are lucky to work 2. You can change this. Decide whether the dread is so overwhelming that it is time for a change. Maybe it is not dread in your situation. Maybe it is boredom. Whatever emotion grips you as you arrive at work needs to be addressed. Don’t accept it if it doesn’t make you happy.

Remember: You always have control and choices in your life. Own them. Use them. Exercise your free will and be responsible for your happiness. Nobody cares about your happiness more than you.

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