I recently gave a presentation locally in Oklahoma City on what leadership is and how our youth can become effective leaders.

Here is the first part of that series:

Leadership is the ability to inspire people to reach a common destination. It is the wisdom to see the challenges and obstacles that are placed in your way and know that you can get around them. You may not know how or when. But you honestly believe deep down in your heart you know you can get there. A great leader will pull you and help you accomplish things that you did not know that you could do. A boss will sometimes push you to someplace that you did not want to go in a way that you don’t want to go.

It is also someone who by word AND by deed always does the right thing. What does that mean – by word and by deed? Always – even when nobody is looking. Why is this person a leader? Because sometimes it is hard to find a person who always says and does the right thing. When we find that kind of person, they can become our spiritual and moral leader. These are the kind of people that we can aspire to be like.

Stay tuned for part two to be posted shortly.

I’d be interested in your comments below on Part ONE.


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