I need you

I need you. Someone close to you needs you. A friend or a family member needs you. My point is that there is one person out there who desperately needs what you have to offer today. It could be a work skill. It could be a hug or a relaxing conversation. And it may just be a fist bump.

The human race rises because of givers. You give to me. I give to you. We give to friends and we give to strangers. And what we give to them in turn gets passed onto other people. The giving spreads. We turn tears into smiles. We lessen the hate a little bit. And we make this life worth living.

Figure out what you can give today. And make sure it doesn’t stay inside you. It doesn’t have to be big but it should come from the heart with zero expectation of getting anything in return. True giving does not expect reciprocation. It’s done freely and happily.

Figure out what you can give today.

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