Don’t Hate On My Game

Always resist the temptations to hate on someone else’s game – even a little bit. In plain lingo this means that you do not have the right to criticize your fellow man for any of his successes or failures.

There are billions of us on this rock. We all have different stories. You don’t know how I arrived to where I am in life. You don’t my struggles and my demons. You don’t know my bank account and my relationships. You just don’t know me. You’ll never walk in my shoes, and I’ll never walk in yours. You may have been homeless once and I would never know that. So I don’t have the right pass judgement on your actions as you rise out of the ashes.

When someone talks about their successes, applaud them or don’t say anything at all. This is how we foster goodwill among each other.

And a great corollary from Sierra Modro that was posted on our Facebook Fan Page:
If someone congratulates you for your success, the correct response is “Thank you. I appreciate the recognition.” None of this self-defeating “it was nothing” crap. Even if it was easy for you, belittling a compliment takes away the joy of the person congratulating you. Let that person feel good too. Spread that joy around.

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