Do you control life, or does life control you?

Take Control Of Your Life

Do you control life, or does life control you?

Most people live in a fatalistic state of mind. They believe that things are going to happen to them, and they have no control in the matter. They accept the ride, blame other people when they have downfalls, and accept good fortune as luck.

But the smart person knows that this is 100% wrong. You are blessed with free will and a free spirit. You can choose everything about your life. You make the simple choices every morning – almost subconsciously: What to wear, what to eat, what to drink. You also have control over the hard choices: who to love, how to make a living, who to be friends with. Don’t let the important decisions fall on somebody else. Actively involve yourself in directing your life in the exact direction you want it to go. Never settle. And never believe that “well that is just the way life is”. When you do, you are robbing yourself of abundance and happiness.

Make the choice to steer your own boat.

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