Are you choosing to not choose?

Choosing to not choose is also a choice


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“Just decide. Then do what you have to do. The universe is like water. It will get out of your way once you make a committed choice”

I don’t personally know everybody reading this. But I’d be willing to confidently bet that a lot of you are struggling with choices. Not bad choices. Great choices. Choices between Job A or Job B. Choices between lovers. Choices between a job and running your own business. Choices between two great business opportunities being presented to you. Choices between sitting on the couch watching TV or going to the gym. You have some great options available to you. Yet for some reason you cannot choose.

I need you to remember this: Not choose a direction is also a choice you are making. And it is the worst one.

Struggling with two or more great choices is not uncommon. But what is common is people stuck in middle, afraid to choose. You may put off a decision for an hour, a day , a month or a year. But you keep putting it off. And every day you do, you are hurting yourself. You are sacrificing amazing success down the path of one of your choices. This is especially true when, as mentioned above, both of your choices are great. Either one would lead you down the path of more success and happiness.

Your challenge today: Make the commitment to yourself to make faster choices. Be willing to accept that there are never perfect choices. Only choices that get you moving in the right direction. I love the phrase “Done > Perfect”. Stop killing getting things done while you sit around waiting for perfect.

For some more insight on this watch this short video by Tony Robbins. 

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