5 ways to burn more calories today than you did yesterday

Big giant fitness goals are hard. Little tiny fitness steps are easy. Here are 5 things you can do today that will cause you to burn more calories than you did yesterday. FYI… more mouse movement is not one of them.

1. Don’t drink your morning coffee – drink water instead: When you wake up skip the morning joe with the cream and sugar and get yourself a big giant glass of water instead. It will quence the dehydration state that your body went into overnight, and it will start your metabolism churning to burn the upcoming calories.

2. Don’t drink anything but water all day long – Keep up #1. For today and today only do no drink anything but water. No coffee. No juice. No soda. No tea. Keep a constantly filled small water bottle with you at all times. At the end of the day you probably won’t be dragging. And water will keep that metabolism churning.

3. Park as far away from your office as possible – Don’t park in that all close coveted spot – even if you have a reserved spot. Park in the boonies – where you have your choice of spots. Take advantage of the good weather you might be having and enjoy the nice leisurely stroll across the lot into work. Think of all of the door dings you won’t have! And instantly you have burned more calories than most people have by this point in time in the morning. For extra points – offer your reserved spot to somebody who normally has no choice but to park in the boonies.

4. Get up once every two hours and walk around the building – If you need to get up for that hourly break don’t go shoot the BS with a coworker or drink a soda. Head outside and walk all of the way around your building. Really hustle and do it twice. Buh bye calories.

5. After dinner go for a walk – Clean up the dishes and head outside around the block. Do it twice like you did at work. Do NOT plop down in front of the TV with the remote. And do not come back in front of the computer. Grab a family member and head outside.

I double dare you to do any of these and let me know how you feel at the end of the day.

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