Do you ever drive into work, sit down at your desk, and just wait for the emails / tasks to come at you?

This is how most people work. They are interrupt driven. Their day has no plan, and they just wait for the emails to start flowing. There may have been a general idea of what they wanted to accomplish for the day. But it ends up succumbing to the desires of others. Or to “busy work” – answering emails and miscellaneous tasks that don’t get you ahead at the end of the day.

Unless are working in a call center, your “today” should have been planned out yesterday. You should have a defined list of projects and the steps that are going to be required to complete each one. When you sit down at your desk on Tuesday morning, you should have a very good idea of what you are going to do because you put conscious effort into it Monday before you left. You have a built a to do list online or on paper (We love “Remember the Milk” for this.) Your calendar should be booked solid from the moment you sit down until it is time to go home? Do you have open space in your calendar for tomorrow? Fill it with tasks that you know you must get done. Have you thought about working out but don’t have the time? Put it as a recurring appointment MWF on your calendar. Start at 6pm and set it for an hour.

Do not leave any open time on your calendar. Life has a bad habit of filling that up with unfulfilling tasks. And, be sure to plan you “goofing off” time. Want to spend 30 minutes on Facebook? Just put that on your calendar. That will prevent you from doing at any other time, and nothing else will suffer as a result. Get on Facebook, waste all the time in world you want, and feel good about it. You planned what you were going to do, and you did what you planned. This is key to being successful.

Layout a detailed daily plan for your daily success and execute it. This is key to the StopDoingNothing lifestyle and living the life that dreams are made of.