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10 Things You Can Do In The Next Hour To Increase Your Happiness

Ten Things Right Now


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There is one common feeling that all human beings have: They want to be happy. They want to wake up healthy, do what they want to do, love their friends and family, and go to bed worry-free.

However most people don’t get to live that way. There is a huge problem in our world, and it is the problem of lack of control. Most people don’t consciously live their lives and take actions by choice. They react. They allow themselves to get into conditions they don’t want to be in. Then they spend every waking moment reacting to conditions that they don’t like. If you live this way long enough, you will become depressed and frustrated. But there is a cure. And it is called action.

Most people that call me for help know they are unhappy. But there are so many things that they need to do that they don’t know where to start. Today I am going to make it very easy for you. I am going to give an easy list of things to do right now. They are easy enough that you will have no good reason to not knock out some of these today,

Here are 10 actions you can take in the next 60 minutes that will alter the path of your life forever.

  1. Clean off your desk. A cluttered desk will confuse and frustrate you. File every piece of paper away neatly. If you are afraid that you will forget something, open up a file on your computer and list what needs to be done. You can also take out a single piece of paper and start your “to do” list.
  2. Open a free Google spreadsheet and list 52 weeks of personal goals. You can create a free Gmail account in five minutes to do this.
  3. Call the closest gym and join. Today! Right now. They are open seven days a week.
  4. Can’t join a gym? Put on tennis shoes and go walk a mile. Create an account over at RunKeeper to track it.
  5. Always wanted to start your own business ? Spend 10 minutes thinking about the name for the business. Visit GoDaddy.com and buy a $10 website domain to start the online part of your business. If you use their free website builder, you will be able to have a simple website up before the day is over.
  6. Call five friends you have not spoken to in awhile and make lunch plans for the next two months.
  7. Find the closest library, join for free, and borrow five books on self-improvement.
  8. Open a free Google spreadsheet and create 12 months of your family and business (if you own one) budget.
  9. Open your calendar and look at the next seven days. Plan every hour and don’t leave any open time slots. Allocate all of your hours. This will ensure that your waking moments have a purpose. Be sure to allocate time to play and time to nap. Note: put things on your calendar like “Goof off on Facebook”. Start living by your calendar.
  10. Turn off the TV for the rest of the day. Pick up a book.

Your challenge: Don’t allow yourself to make up excuses. Pick and complete any single item on the list. If you are a high achiever, pick two. Complete them and comment below.

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