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Are you ready to be a high achiever in your personal and business life? You have come to the right place.

What is StopDoingNothing Academy?

SDN (StopDoingNothing) Academy was created as a community and training resource for people that want to be high achievers.

The StopDoingNothing Mission:

“To work with individual and help them plan and execute their ideal life so they wake up excited every day. We do this with online training, seminars, one-on-one coaching, and other tools to help you build your actionable plan of execution.”

The StopDoingNothing Disciplines:

Our system is divided into five disciplines

  • Mindset – This is the area of StopDoingNothing that most people have trouble with. It is their belief system. A large part of the world’s population does not have the beliefs in place to guide their success. In all of our training, your belief system will be a major point of work. We will work with you to dig into the belief system that you have right now. We will then talk about the differences between where you are now and where you want to be. Finally we’ll talk about the belief systems of extremely successful person, and how you can adopt those same systems.
  • Muscle – The body acts on what the mind creates. Your body must be in the best possible shape to achieve the things you want in life. This is a part of the life that a lot people avoid because it is hard work. But the hard will translate into you enjoying your success more.
  • Mankind – Our relationships with the fellow occupants of this planet have a large impact on our personal growth. Part of your success in life is due to your ability to network and surround yourself with people that are living the way you want to live. We’ll help you get started down the correct path.
  • Money – Money has been vilified in recent years. But the fact is that money gives you choices. At StopDoingNothing we like to focus on how your success can generate money, and money can give you the choices that help in your happiness. Money is not ever a goal, but it is a means to an end.
  • Business – The numbers don’t lie. The majority of businesses do not last. If you want to build a business that consistently grows and outlasts you, the you need to be focusing on what you do best. Build a great team that makes others happy, and your happiness will follow.

Who runs StopDoingNothing? Meet Patrick Allmond?

Patrick Allmond in PurplePatrick Allmond is one of the founding members of StopDoingNothing Academy. His mission is to help others knock down their mental barriers and see the potential that they have inside. Living a dream day and doing what you want is a constant struggle. This world is not designed for people to do what they want. But with the right mindset, the right tools and the right coaching you can create your dream day. Browse our site and see what tools we have that can help you live your perfect day.

If you’d like to have Patrick or another SDN team member speak at your event please use our contact page.

How to Stay Connected With Us:

As we grow our practice we would encourage you to use the resources on this site to get started:

  • Immediately subscribe to the email list. (Click here now) That is how you get a free membership to our basic set of tools. You do this by completing the form on the right side of this page for your free resources.
  • Like our page on Facebook.
  • Share our tools with your friends to help them achieve amazing levels of happiness. Nobody succeeds in a vacuum.
  • Pay attention to our training schedule and community as we build it out. We will be delivering the training it takes to make you a high achiever in various formats. We will have in-person workshops as well as training you can take at home in your slippers. Either way it will be great and will help you attain the levels in life that you deserve.


Now go out and create an amazing day.


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I am combing the world looking for people that want to be high achievers in life. I run the popular & growing community at StopDoingNothing.com and the StopDoingNothing Facebook Page. You'll also catch me as the Social Media contributor to Fox TV and several other TV stations. Follow @patrickallmond

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