Guest Blogger: Keith Casey of Casey Software

We are on week three of our Friday morning guest posts here at StopDoingNothing. Last week we were lucky enough to have Michael Martine from Remarkablogger. This week we get the pleasure of Keith Casey from Casey Software. Keith is one of those great remote friends who I’ve learned a lot from but never met in person. He hails from the DC area and I’ve been lucky to know him for about 2-3 years. He recently left the self-employed world and is now gracing Blue Parabola every day with his presence.


What is the name of your blog

I currently blog at and but CaseySoftware is my primary.

What is your blog about

I tend to bounce around within technology topics. I develop in PHP, participate in a couple Open Source projects, and attend numerous tech events, so my posts reflect that. I’ve also started adding small business & entrepreneurship topics back into rotation after backing off of them for 2+ years.

How long you have been blogging

My first post was 02 December 2004 and I have ~720 posts out there.

How much time do you spend each week working on your blog (writing, design, etc)

Writing a post normally takes 45-60 minutes but I should probably spend another 5-10 minutes on it for editing. At present, I do almost no editing/review and it’s probably my biggest weakness. On average, I write 2/week though I’d like to raise that to three, so you do the math.

On the design front, my sites need an overhaul. I designed CaseySoftware in mid-2005 and have been too busy to worry about it ever since.

What was one of the first blogs that you read that you love

Joel on Software was the first blog I read regularly.

What three blogs do you read every single week

I cheat a little here. I read Planet PHP - – which aggregates much of the PHP community. On the more analytical yet not technical front, I read regularly. Beyond that, I keep an eye out on topics that interest me via Google search and friends.

What is the blog post you are the most proud of

Oddly enough, the posts that I’m the most proud of have nothing to do with traffic. I happen to like “Twas the Night before Christmas” – – because it was fun to write.

How has your blog helped you personally or professionally

Writing regularly has helped me hone my writing skills. Quite often, my rough drafts of formal documents are received well. More importantly, as I’ve written more, I’ve been able to speak in front of groups more easily. And best of all, I’ve been able to use my blog as a platform for sharing/starting ideas even to the point

What is something you hope to do with your blog that you have not done yet

I always hoped to earn enough from ads to cover hosting, buy a toy occasionally, and otherwise be a non-trivial amount of my income. To date, I average enough for 2-4 cups of coffee each month. Not enough to retire, but I manage to cover my hosting.

What is the best “do it” tip you have for a blogger that is start today

Write regularly, even if it’s once a week. When you write, you organize your thoughts, open yourself to criticism, and get all the bad posts out of the way. ;)

What is the best “never do it” tip you have for blogger that is starting today

Never write to please other people. You can’t please everyone all the time, so don’t try. Find your passions and write on them. And yes, your passions will change over time.

Thanks Keith for your time and your wisdom

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Patrick AllmondGuest Blogger: Keith Casey of Casey Software